# Material Creative Direction and Cases

We conducted 280 sets of material experiments in 13 test directions of four industries including games, e-commerce, social networking, and video entertainment, we came to a significantly positive conclusion (CTR increased by more than 10%). Please refer to the conclusion of high-quality materials.

# icon

  1. Dynamic icon: Compared with static images, dynamic images in GIF format are easier to attract users' attention, thereby increasing click-through rate and post-link data;
  2. icon corner mark:Combining with the product's own characteristics (such as reflecting free or other benefits, anniversaries, hot events, product-specific functions, New version, etc.), designing icons with corner marks can increase CTR of the material and gain more impression.
Ad format Data performance control group High-quality material
Dynamic icon ID CTR:+102%(0.23%->0.47%)
IN CTR:+20%(0.76%->0.91%)
icon corner mark ID CTR:+63%(0.23%->0.38%)
RU CTR:+38%(0.36%->0.49%)
ID CTR:+13%(0.84%->0.95%)

# Large Newsfeed Image

  1. Gesture guidance: Gesture guidance: Appropriate gesture guidance that is highly integrated with the content of the picture (such as cartoon hands, neutral hands, female hands, etc.) has a higher CTR, and there are significant positive cases in the e-commerce and game industries;
  2. Localization: The localization of the copywriting in the picture (not only referring to the language, but also the translated local language in line with the local people's usage habits), characters, background colors, etc. can increase CTR;
  3. Characters: In addition to character localization, the selection of handsome guys, beauties, couples or KOLs will also have a great impact on the click-through rate of materials, as well as cartoons and character IP images related to the game industry and products;
  4. Benefits: Combined with product features, increase the click-through rate by promoting free/limited-time free use, newcomer rewards, recommendation rewards, sign-in rewards and other benefits, In addition, there are free shipping, discounts, full discounts, cash back, and vouchers that are commonly found in the e-commerce industry. Free item skins, free upgrades, limited-time themed events, etc. in the game industry;
  5. Grid (group picture): Through the well-designed grid form, more product information can be conveyed to users, but attention should also be paid to avoid too many and messy elements, and no more than 2 focal points are recommended;
  6. Category: mainly refers to the e-commerce industry. In Indonesia, the significant positive categories have been verified in the three directions of beauty, clothing, and food. The effect of categories in other regions is not significant. It is recommended to test the full category and single category in combination with product characteristics. effect, and then select key optimization directions based on data performance;
  7. Others: In addition to the above directions, you can also test materials with a high click-through rate by highlighting the content of the picture, changing the advertising copy in the picture, and promoting different functions of the product.
Ad style Data performance Control group Good Material
Gesture guidance ID CTR:+71%(0.31%->0.53%)
ID CTR:+11%(1.17%->1.30%)
Localization ID CTR:+37%(1.12%->1.53%)
ID CTR:+23%(2.17%->2.73%)
Characters ID CTR:+10%(1.54%->1.69%)
ID CTR:+13%(1.16%->1.31%)
BR CTR:+42%(1.07%->1.52%)
Benefits ID CTR:+38%(1.04%->1.43%)
Free shipping vs gift vouchers
Grid (group picture) ID CTR:+15%(1.19%->1.37%)
E-commerce Category ID CTR:+17%(1.08%->1.26%)
No Category vs Food Category
ID CTR:+43%(0.35%->0.50%)
No Category->Apparel
Others ID CTR:+13%(1.53%->1.73%)
Highlight the product logo