# OOBE (Xiaomi PAI) Introduction

# 1. What is OOBE?

The App recommendation page showed at the end of the new phone activation process and before the user enters the main page. This format is supported by Xiaomi App Stores- GetApps

Ads Format & User Journey:


*It’s installed to the second screen.

# 2. OOBE campaign launch process

# 2.1 Available countries and activation projection

Country Status Estimated activation (daily average)
RU Open 10,000-15,000
ID Open 7,500-10,000
IN Paused N/A
TR Open 1,000-1,500
VN Open Less than 500
PH Open Less than 500
TH Open Less than 500
MY Open Less than 500

# 2.2 Apps Requirements

# 2.2.1 Basic requirements:

  • Ads placement Slots: maximum 7 slots per device.
  • Package size:<=150M
  • Industry restrictions: RMG(Real money games), finance, gambling apps are NOT allowed.

# 2.2.2 Advanced review requirements:

  • Perfectly adapted to all models of Xiaomi phones and all versions of Xiaomi Operating System
  • High ratings and downloads at Google Play Store with positive reviews
  • Great user experience

# 2.3 The process of going online


  • Campaign review please send to:wuguannan@xiaomi.com;p-yangzhihui1@xiaomi.com;liuliyliying@xiaomi.com cc:wuhan9@xiaomi.com;qudai1@xiaomi.com;iib-ams-agency@xiaomi.com
  • Review period: 1-2 days

# 3. OOBE Client Success Story

The overall volume of OOBE is substantial and stable, and the retention performance meets the expectations.

Product Category GEO CPI Daily activation Total cost Average daily cost(11/1-11/25) Next-day retention
Utility ID $0.7 4,000 $25,400 $1,058 30%
Entertainment(Short Video) RU $0.5 1,950 $24,936 $1,039 /