# Xiaomi Advertising Creative Policy for Content

# 1. Ad content

Your ad content must meet the following requirements:

  • Ad content must comply with the provisions of local advertising law.
  • The text of your ad must clearly state what your product or service is.
  • Comparatives or superlatives can only be used in your ad text or callouts if you have a statement from an independent expert that your product or service is superior to others. The statement must be published on the landing page or mentioned in the ad. If no such statements are available, do not use words in the superlative form.
  • Advertising must be fair and equitable. It's not allowed to promote your own products by deliberately disparaging other products of the same type. Misleading consumers with exaggerated descriptions is also prohibited.
  • All values and prices must be given in the local currency depending on the target region.

Your ad cannot contain:

  • Prohibited products or services
  • False information (knowingly misleading statements and promises).
  • Inaccurate information about the product/service.
  • Inaccurate information about discounts/promotions/sales, their timing and rules.
  • Aggressive provocations or calls to commit violence.

# 2. Landing page

The page to which the click on the ad leads must meet the following requirements:

  • It must be relevant to the ad text.
  • It must not offer prohibited products or services.
  • It must be accessible and display properly in all web browsers (especially, on mobile devices).
  • It must not contain a "Website under development" or "Domain is parked" message.
  • It must not contain malicious content that fraudulently collects information about the user (phishing).
  • It must not automatically download files to a user's mobile phone.
  • Information about discounts, products, or services mentioned in the ad must be clearly visible on the landing page.
  • If the ad leads to a website in a language other than that of the ad, you must make this clear in the ad text.
  • If the ad leads to a messenger, we recommend specifying the company name and description in the messenger.

# 3. Ad text/caption


  • The language of the ad must match the language of the target region.
    • English can be used for any region.
  • The language of the caption (title/description) must be consistent with the language used on the banner/video. Grammar and vocabulary:
  • Texts must be compiled in accordance with the standard spelling and punctuation rules of the language used in the ad. Make sure your ad texts do not contain the following:
  • Machine translation
  • Typos, grammar, and spelling mistakes.
  • Words are written with spaces between each letter.
  • Words are written entirely in CAPITAL letters, except for common abbreviations (e.g., GOST) and brands (e.g., YANGO).
  • Slang words, crude or colloquial expressions.
  • Repetition of the same words or phrases.
  • Emojis and special symbols (e.g., "♥, 😀, >>> ♔ ♕")

# 4. Images and icons

Text on the image must meet the same requirements as the chapter Ad text/caption.

# 4.1. Images must meet the following requirements:

  • They must match the ad text and the content of the landing page.
  • App icon must be consistent with the actual app icon in Google Play/GetApps.
  • They must be high-quality and clear, with no compression artifacts. The image background must not be transparent.
  • Interface elements must lead to the site or launch the app. For example, an element might be a button that says "More", "Order", or "Purchase". Do not add interface elements that can mislead the user or do not do what they are supposed to, such as buttons that look like they play videos or close windows.
  • Text on the banner must contrast against the background and be easily readable.
  • Text on the banner must meet the same requirements as the ad text/caption.
  • All information required by law must be present on the banner, including age restrictions and notices. They must not be located in the upper part of the banner. The information must be clearly visible and easy to read.
  • Notices placed on top of other design elements must be shown in a bar to ensure high-contrast rendering.
  • An endorsement contract of celebrities or portrait authorization promotion certificate of the parties should be provided when elements such as celebrities and well-known media appear in the creatives.

# 4.2. Do not use these elements in images:

  • Images cannot simulate pop-up messages and system dialogue windows.
  • Competitor products or logos.
  • "Before and after" comparison images or images that show unrealistic effects to promote the effectiveness of the product are prohibited.

  • Goods and services that are prohibited or restricted for advertising by law (weapons, alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances, tobacco products, smoking accessories, and similar).
  • Unauthorized use of the Xiaomi logo.
  • Pictures that convey an ambiguous message, are shocking or provoke a negative response.
  • Realistic images of illnesses, medical procedures and operations, or military action.
  • Pictures with naked intimate body parts.
  • QR codes, due to potential security threats and data substitution options.

# 5. Video

Videos must meet the same requirements as the chapter Images.

For audio:

  • The voice-over must be grammatically correct, high-quality, easy to understand, free of background noise, and harsh or excessively loud sounds.
  • It must match the title, ad text, and content of the landing page.
  • It must be synced with the video.

If the video uses text:

  • It must be clearly displayed and placed on a contrasting background so that it doesn't blend in with other design elements.
  • It must meet the same requirements as the chapterAd text/caption.
  • Notices placed on top of other design elements must be shown in a bar to ensure high-contrast rendering.


  • Do not use rapid animations, flickering graphic elements, a flashing background, and images with a hypnotic effect.
  • The video must be relevant to your ad, relating to your product, service, or brand.

# 6. Notices and age restrictions in ads

# 6.1. Notices in Text & Image Ads:

Notices must be added to ads on the following subjects: medicines, medical products and services, breastmilk substitutes and baby food, dietary supplements, products similar in construction to weapons, financial services, shared-equity construction and new construction, certification services, and betting services.

For example:

  • There are contraindications. Consult a doctor.
  • For children 11 months and older. Breastfeeding is preferred. Consult a doctor.
  • Not a medicinal substance.
  • Similar in construction to weapons.
  • “Bank Inc”.
  • “Certificate LLC”, No. 3333.
  • Information about the organizer of the gambling event, the rules, terms, and procedure for determining the winnings and their maximum value, the place and procedure for receiving the winnings awarded on the advertised site.

# 6.2. Baby food

Advertising for baby food must include:

  • Age restrictions.
  • A notice about the need to consult a healthcare professional.
  • A notice that breastfeeding is preferred for babies.

# 6.3. Medications, medical services, medical equipment

The advertising of medications, medical equipment, and medical services (including treatment methods) must include a notice about the presence of contraindications, the need to read the instructions for use or to consult a healthcare professional. For image ads and display banners, the notice must occupy at least 10% of the banner area.

# 6.4. Financial services

Advertisements for financial services must include the name of the legal entity providing the services and details of its organizational and business structure. Additionally, advertisements must include a warning about possible financial risks associated with the investment.

# 6.5. Sports betting/real money games

Ads for businesses that take/place bets should contain the following information: "Information about the organizer of the gambling event, participation rules, the duration of the event, the number of prizes or the maximum amount of winnings, the location of the event, and how prizes are awarded on the advertised site."

Ads must include the number of the bookmaking license and the name, website, or phone number of the issuing authority.

Ads must also include a responsible gaming and warning message, the bookmaker's info (registration number/license number), and "18+" signs.

# 6.6. Adult-only content

When advertising dating services, you can't use language related to sex dating, dating for intimacy, one-night stand dating, sex chats, and so on.

Ads must include "18+" signs.